GLANDU Digital Kitchen Timer - Magnetic Countdown Countup Timer with Large LED Display Volume Adjustable, Easy for Cooking and for Seniors and Kids to Use

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  • 【Easy to Use & Quiet Operation】 One key operation, no more struggling to set a timer with small buttons, just rotate to set time. Kids and Seniors can easily make it work too! No loud ticking, fit for cooking, housework, fitness, game, classroom, meeting and other activities
  • 【Ultra Clear Display & Volume Adjustable】Large black screen and white numbers allow you easily see the time remaining. Ideal as a kitchen timer, say goodbye to underdone burgers and overcooked steaks. Two alarm volume : Loud (80-90dB), Soft (60-75dB) and a Mute level to meet your different needs
  • 【Time Management & Magnetic】Counting down from 99 minutes 55 seconds to zero, or as a stopwatch count up from 0 to 99:55. Powerful magnets on the back for placement on any iron surface directly. Two silicone pads to avoid falling off. NOTE: PLEASE REMOVE THE TRANSPARENT FILM ON THE SILICONE PADS FOR STRONGER MAGNETIC
  • 【2 Brightness Levels & Energy Saving】Two brightness choices: Bright and ECO for you to use in both daylight and nighttime. The timer would automatically enter power saving mode 5 seconds after paused/stop, just press the button on the screen to activate it again as you need
  • 【Premium ABS Material & Batteries Included】Unlike those timers made from cheap plastic, we adopt high grade ABS material to make this timer more durable. What you get: a  digital timer, three AAA batteries, a user manual
Alina Dyachuk
Absolutely love this kitchen timer! Got this one because our red one broke that we just dialed and didn’t need a batter so when this one came, (blonde me) didn’t like that it needed a battery since it’s digital. I didn’t like that I would worry about finding a battery and changing it over time but the first battery was included and I used it right away and fell In love right away! So easy to use, looks fancy in the kitchen. Will buy again if it ever breaks or as gifts. Also I really needed this because I would forget to put a timer on my phone and burn my food. This way this timer is on my fridge and I never forget to turn it on when I put something in my oven. It’s also great for kids when there’s a countdown for something, my son can see how much time we have left for an activity.
S. Gordon
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Got this timer because old one died. I like the dial mechanism because it better than pushing buttons to get to alot of minuts. Getting to precise seconds can be tricky if there is alot of time involved but past 10 min I don't realy care about seconds. The display is nice and big. It did't take me too long to figure out how to clear the timer, just push and hold the little white circle near the bottom and a second later it clears. The only complaint is it could be a little stiffer with the rotation, but you get used to it. Better yet, once the countdown has started you cant change the time if you accidently turn the dial. Adjustments for sound and brightness are a plus. I'd buy again.
This little guy has been making my daily kitchen life easier and happier since the first day it arrived. Totally satisfied with it.

- Looks elegant and modern, very eye-catching
- Super easy to operate
- Just the right magnetic level makes it stick well but also effortless to remove, allowing you to move it around easily
- Large and properly contrast screen makes reading easy, in both bright and dark environments
- Silent when counting--no annoying ticking sound
- Great level of adjustable volumes--the low one is soft enough to avoid "scaring" you at a quiet night, and the high one is loud enough to hear from distance with TV or robot vacuum on

- Just bought it so only time would prove its longevity and accidents (drops, water, etc.) could speak for its durability

The general impression is that the designers\engineers making it seems to have seriously considered various user habits and circumstances. The product serves different needs and has avoided several design flaws or pitfalls that are present on similar products, thus bringing a very smooth and pleasant user experience under various conditions. Gave myself a pat on the back for being brave enough to get this rarely reviewed buddy!